7 Best 8 x 5 Box Trailers in the World

Word is that you are looking for the best box trailer for you. Whether we are talking about a new car or a new box trailer, quality should always come first. So, if you are out on the looks for a new 8×5 box trailer, we made this whole search easier for you and managed to put together a list of 7 of the best box trailers of this size. So, here is what we came up with. Analyse our work and see if it managed to meet your needs and expectations:

  1. 8 x 5 Hot Dip Galvanized Tip Trailer Heavy Duty Bolt Box

An 8×5 box trailer that has been hot-dipped galvanised, which means that any rusting process will be put on stop before it will even begin. It also has a tilt, a free jockey wheel, brand new truck tyres of 14ā€ and also some really great LED lights.

  1. 8 x 5 heavy duty galvanized tandem 3 ft. cage box tandem trailer

As the name itself suggests, this box trailer for sale has some really enticing features. It has a 3-feet galvanised cage and barn doors at rear, as well as a full checker plate. The wheels and tyres are also new and they bear the Ford brand upon them. You will also get hydraulic brakes and a 1990-kg GVM.

  1. Galvanised 8×5 1.5 Ton PROPER HI-ANGLE Tipper Tipping Box Trailer

A galvanised 8×5 box trailer with some really great features. You could get to enjoy a heavy-duty hockey wheel and heavy-duty 6-leaf springs. The checker plate floor also has 2.5 mm and the drawbar, along with the main chassis, have a dimension of 100x50x3 mm.


This is a brand new 8×5 box trailer which has a cage of 1 m included, a chassis of 50x50x2.5 mm and a checker plate floor of 2.5 mm thickness. The coupler also has 50 mm and the side walls 40 mm.

  1. 8 x 5 galvanized box trailer

This box trailer has a 39-round axel and a 75x50x1200 mm drawbar. It has LED lights and it also wears an extra layer of protection against rust, which is made out of primer industrial zinc. It is painted in charcoal and it also has 7 pin fat plug.


A fully equipped 8×5 box trailer that has been previously hot-dipped galvanised and whose cage has a height of 90 mm. The wheels and the tyres are 14ā€ and they are also brand new. It also features a lockable toolbox.

  1. 8 x 5 box trailer

This trailer box is brand new and has a weight of 750 kg. It features a checker plate floor and sides of 12ā€. It also bears a 3-foot galvanised cage and comes along with a 12-month structural warranty. Did we also mention that it features some brand new


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